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Keeping Safe in NIE Library

As we adjust to a new normal of Safe Entry stations and mask-wearing friends, co-workers and strangers alike, the NIE Library will continue to provide access to resources and study spaces. Here's a look at what we have done to ensure that you can stay safe amid the ongoing pandemic.

Contactless Collection

Opt for contactless collection of reserved or requested physical materials. Once your requested item is available for collection, you will receive an email notification. You can collect items from the SMART Locker using your matriculation or staff card. Besides being safer, it is more convenient. You can collect anytime, 24/7, without being limited by library operating hours.

Self-service collection lockers at Blk 4, Level 1, lift lobby

Safe Handling

To give users the peace of mind when borrowing library materials, books that have been returned were "quarantined" for 72 hours before being returned to the shelf or made available to the next borrower. Now, they are disinfected with UV light to remove surface contaminants. With the use of the UV light, the turnaround time is reduced so that the book is made available in 2 hours after being returned.

UV light disinfection wand

Safe Studying

Level 3 is known for the buzz of animated discussions and the occasional bursts of laughter from the discussion tables near the café area. This is because it serves as an open area for collaboration and knowledge sharing.

To create a safer environment for everyone, seating is greatly reduced and the space between each table is widened. This is to minimise gatherings and help maintain the appropriate social distance between library users. We all need human connection in these trying times, but let us be mindful of how we can lower the risks of community spread as well.

Reduced and spaced-out seating on Level 3

Tapping In & Out

Tapping your staff or matriculation card to come into and exit from the library helps us to ensure that only authorised persons ie. NIE and NTU staff and students, and library members can enter the library. This helps to protect all users of the library. So, please help us and help yourself through solidarity in action!

Matriculation or staff card is needed for entry and exit

Keeping Viruses at Bay

At one point a sold-out item at pharmacies and supermarkets, the hand sanitiser has become ubiquitous during this COVID-19 pandemic. Bottles of sanitisers can be found at booking terminals and library catalogue stations at all levels of the library, as well as at the cafe and Service Point. Feel free to use them and remember to wash your hands!

Hand sanitiser provided at the Service Point counter

To keep both library staff and users safe, staff providing in-person services at the counter will be wearing gloves and masks.

Attend Library Workshops Online

Instead of being held in the Research Commons or computer labs, the popular EndNote workshops are now completely online. Read more about how we transform them from face-to-face sessions to interactive online classes in this issue.

Despite all the changes, learning continues to take place within and beyond the library walls. We would like to reassure all visitors to the library that we will continue to make learning accessible and safe for the community.

Stay safe, and keep learning!

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