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Recommended Reads

Title: Start Ugly : A Timeless Tale About Innovation & Change

Author: Chris Krimitsos

No. of pages: 97

Call No.: HD58.8 Kri

Written as a parable, the book employs engaging storytelling to illustrate how successful or long-standing businesses fail to respond to or ride on change, no matter how well-positioned they are. Based on the travails and triumphs of real-life businesses, it gives a powerful impetus to start, whether a business, a hobby or a new direction, by driving home two devastatingly simple truths about innovation and change. An engaging page-turner that can be read in one sitting, it is a must-read for business and organisational leaders, startups, and ordinary people.

Title: The Infinite Game

Author: Simon Sinek

No. of pages: 251

Call No.: HD57.7 Sin

Advancing the tantilising vision of fulfilled individuals and trusting teams, bestselling author (“Leaders Eat Last” and “Start With Why”) argues for leaders to adopt an infinite mindset, beyond the existing short or long term thinking transcending notions of winning and losing. Outlining the perils of finite thinking for businesses and organisations, he shows how the missions and visions of companies and organisations are “uninspiring and innocuous” at best, and why the current practice of selecting the next in line for the top job may be flawed. This book is a call for leaders to challenge the status quo.

Title: What Extraordinary People Know : How To Cut the Busy B.S. and Live Your Kick-ass Life

Author: Anthony Moore

No. of pages: 133

Call No.: BF637.S8 Moo

Published by Simple Truths ('small books, big impact'), this compact hardback which is part of the IgniteReads series, promises it can be 'read in one hour or less'. Using a collection of quotes and ideas culled from motivational writers, speakers, renowned sportsmen, celebrities, literature and more, the book offers startling nuggets on why most people are stuck in the 'mediocrity trap', why you should not take advice from (almost) anyone, and the thing that successful people are doing that 'unsuccessful people are unwilling to do'. A quick motivational booster for those looking for inspiration or breakthrough.

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