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New Bloomsbury Education & Childhood Studies Platform

Bloomsbury Education & Childhood Studies is one of the latest resources available to NIE students and staff.

With its focus on educational issues by country, it can help scholars, researchers and policy makers gain an understanding of the education systems, policies and issues on various levels of education in different countries around the world.

The collection is varied; it consists of 75 academic ebooks, 60-plus policy reports, and country overviews which provide introductory information on the education system and country profile.

In addition, there are more than 400 articles on all levels of education contributed by academics and researchers worldwide. These can either be browsed by country, educational level, topic or searched using keywords. The articles on Singapore education feature works by NIE faculty members and researchers including: Associate Professors Lee Yew Jin, Hairon Salleh, Jason Tan; Dr Dennis Kwek, Dr Wong Hwei Ming, and Ms Haslinda Ismail.

Insights on Global Educational Issues

This platform offers the entire contents of the 18-volume “Education Around the World” print reference series. This is the first encyclopaedia resource to provide global coverage on the major challenges in education today, providing valuable insight and research on education policy and practice.

The portion on Singapore consists of the chapters Singapore: Education in Transition authored by Dr Letchmi Ponnusamy and Professor Saravanan Gopinathan and Singapore: The Malay Ethnic Minority – Playing Perennial Catch-up in Education? by Associate Professor Jason Tan.

Click on "Browse Content" on the menu and "Education Around the World Series" to view all 18 volumes.

To explore the content on the platform by region, use the interactive world map to zoom in on the specific region.

Browsing By Educational Level

Besides accessing the content through country-specific lenses, users can also browse via any of the six levels of education:

  • early childhood

  • childhood

  • youth

  • primary education

  • secondary education

  • higher education

Resources in each educational level are further categorised by topic areas. For example, some topics in the Early Childhood level include: Communication and Language Development, Management, Leadership, and Governance, Special Educational Needs and Disabilities and Transitions.

In the Primary and Secondary levels, the topic areas include: Assessment, Bilingualism and Multilingualism, Digital Technologies and Online Learning, Inclusion and Marginalization of Learners.

The organisation of the content based on different levels gives users a sense of the common issues and research across the globe for each level.

The platform also provides a featured content page which includes a featured country, theme, and article spotlight.

To access the platform, click on List of Databases on the Library Portal.

Visit this new platform and discover how it can help you study and build an understanding of the education systems and policies in different countries worldwide.

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