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Festival Fun at Library Fest 2017

If you had visited the Library on 21 August, you would have found the space transformed into a festive activity hub replete with streamers and balloons festooned at the entrance.

For three hours, the Library held various informative game stations as part of Library Fest 2017, an orientation and outreach drive aimed at welcoming new and returning students for the fresh school year. Activities included the Library Knowledge Quiz, Spin-the-Wheel, as well as guided library tours.

In Spin-the-Wheel, participants tested their general knowledge in the subject categories of the game, prompting enthused challengers to request another go at it. Meanwhile on Level 2 of the library, seekers to the answers of the Library Knowledge Quiz followed the guiding stickers on the floor towards areas where they could find the answer to their quiz question. Tours were also conducted to introduce students to our services and facillities.

Not to be missed, another popular station was the LibFest Photo Booth. Visitors walked away with a photo memento of fun shots and wacky poses against a backdrop with assorted props of their choice. All in all, Library Fest 2017 ensured good fun while offering an opportunity for visitors to get to know library facilities and staff.

Unveiled during the event was also the Book Mountain, which invited library visitors to make their best guess of the actual number of books in the stack. Located on Level 3 of the Library, the Book Mountain Challenge saw visitors making dedicated efforts to account for all the books. Want to know the actual number of books that make up the mountain? Come down to Level 3 between 4 and 9 September for the answer! The top five winners of the challenge will be hearing from us soon.

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