• Wong Yong Yeow

DMP Demystified@NIE

Following the release of the latest data management plan (DMP) template in the Research Information System (RISE), the Library organised a three-part webinar series "Data Management Plan (DMP) Demystified" in September 2020 for Principal Investigators and their research project team members. The aim was to give participants an overview of the DMP template and share with them some best practices in data management planning.

The first session covered data collection and organisation (Questions 1- 3 in the template). The subsequent session dealt with the management of proprietary and sensitive data, and access control (Q4-Q6). The last session reviewed the documentation and data storage (Q7-Q9).

To view the nine questions in the DMP template as well as sample entries, refer to the guide on research data management here.

Staff from Office of Graduate and Professional Learning (GPL), Office of Education Research (OER) and Office of Strategic Planning and Academic Quality (SPAQ) were present to lend their expertise and address some of the questions posted during the sessions. More than 30 participants attended each session. The feedback had was positive, with over 90% of the participants rating the sessions as 'Good' or 'Excellent'.

Heartened by the encouraging responses from participants of the inaugural series, the Library is planning to launch Season 2 of the webinar series in November 2020. Also in the pipeline are DMP webinar series for higher degree students and DMP clinics in 2021.

Stay tuned for the announcement of the upcoming DMP sessions!

Lastly, the Library would like to thank the Research Data Management Team of NTU Library, Office of Information, Knowledge & Library Services (OIKLS), for sharing the DMP workshop content and Associate Professor Rita Silver, NIE Research Integrity Officer, for her valuable inputs.

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