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NIE Authors Showcase

Looking for ways to promote your publications and increase their visibility? Consider a few easy, fuss-free avenues offered by NIE Library.

Published a new book? Have it displayed at NIE Library Gallery

Located next to the cafe area on Level 3, the Gallery highlights the latest research publications by NIE staff.

The NIE Library Gallery is one of the highlights of library tours. The library sees as many as 1,600 international visitors a year, with the Gallery being one of the prominent stops on the tours.

The list of new publications by NIE authors that are available in the library are also available in the library catalogue. Click here to browse the full list of titles by NIE authors.

Conferences or Events? Collaborate on a Book Display

Our library organises book displays in conjunction with NIE conferences. Examples of some recent book displays include the Mathematics Conference and the Graduate Student Conference.

If you are organising a new conference or event, contact us to collaborate on a book display. Librarians will work with you to select, curate and display relevant works.

Article accepted for publication? Deposit in NIE Digital Repository

You have put in the work and your manuscript has just been accepted for journal publication! Did you know that you can deposit your accepted manuscript into the NIE Digital Repository? Depositing a paper in the the NIE Digital Repository helps to make it discoverable on Google. You can track the download counts as well.

All you have to do is submit your accepted manuscript by using the online form on the Deposit@NIE page on the NIE Library website. Our librarians will do the rest including entering the metadata, creating the record and uploading it once the final article is published.


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