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Complete Nature Journals Now Online

Science researchers will be delighted to know that they now have access to the complete collection of Nature journals and the back issues.

Previously only available in the Library in print copies, Nature, the flagship and leading international scientific journal of Nature Research, is now available online.

What's more, where researchers could only access the back issues up to 1991, now they have access to back files dating back 150 years to 1869.

Additionally, we now have a subscription to over 80 Nature journals across subject areas such as Chemistry, Earth and Environment, Neuroscience and Physical Science. This is supplemented by over 40 open access Nature and Nature-Partner journals.

Accessing the Journals

Please click here for an A-Z list of all Nature journals.

All journals in this list are accessible, except the following titles:

1. Scientific American and Scientific American Mind. These two journals are available from Academic Search Complete database.

2. Journals which are launched in 2019, but will only be available in 2020:

  • BDJ In Practice

  • BDJ Student

  • Nature Machine Intelligence

  • Nature Metabolism

  • Nature Reviews Physics

For enquiries, please contact the Library at libser@nie.edu.sg.


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