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Library Fest 2018

Library Fest 2018 returned this year with more library activities, prizes, and goodies! This annual event aims to promote library services and collections by engaging with library visitors, students, and staff.

This year, participants stood a chance to win from three tiers of prizes depending on the number of bingos they achieved on their activity scorecard. To earn a bingo, participants needed to complete at least three activity stations. Enthusiasts with fully completed bingo scorecards walked away with top prizes. This year included new activities such as Ring Toss, Chopstick Marbles, Flip-a-Bottle, and Charades. There was also a One-line Blurb contest where visitors could vote for their favourite bite-size book reviews contributed by Libfest participants.

The event would not be complete without popcorn and candyfloss! Library visitors could get their freshly prepared popcorn and candyfloss outside the library on Level 2.

Almost 300 students and staff attended the festival and participated in the activities. Relive the memories by browsing the photo gallery below.

Photo Gallery


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