• Sandie Loo

Facilitating International Learning: NIEI Visitors in the NIE Library

The NIE Library welcomed the ninth group of participants from the education sector in China on 25 October 2018.

As part of their programme in NIEI, the participants attended sharing sessions conducted in Mandarin by the NIE Library management team on library management, and smart library initiatives implemented to support teacher education.

The sessions are a collaboration with NIEI since March 2018. Eight sessions have since been conducted for 300 participants from Chinese universities and other educational institutions. The participants include government officials, principals of secondary schools, management officials in the higher education sector and English programme teachers.

Participants were also given a guided tour of library facilities such as the SMART lockers, the book sorting facility, and a showcase of the newly acquired AR pop-up books. They were also taught how to use library tools such as the catalogue to search for print and online resources.

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