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A Fresh Start: Orientation Week 2018

The NIE library has collaborated with the Office of Teacher Education (OTE) and the student organisers of the Orientation Planning Management Committee 2018 to support a range of activities for the August freshmen cohort.

Here is Orientation Week 2018 in review.

The Race to Mount Olympus: Freshmen Orientation Programme 2018

On 8 August 2018, the NIE library was the arena in which freshmen from different teams competed to complete the quest set before them. Inspired by Greek mythology, the quest challenged freshmen to successfully locate clues to their next task by using library tools such as the catalogue and navigating various parts of the library. The activities were co-designed by student organisers and librarians from the NIE Library.

Library Orientation Workshops 2018

Over 200 students from the Undergraduate, Diploma (Education) and Postgraduate Diploma in Education (PGDE) programmes attended a one-hour library workshop that covered the APA citation style, search tools and resources that would be useful to their studies. The library workshops were conducted as multiple concurrent sessions on 20 July and 8 August 2018.

Each workshop session was customised to the teaching subjects and enrolled programme of the freshmen in attendance. Resources covered included teachers' guides, subject syllabuses, examination papers and markers' reports. The workshops received positive feedback from students, who commented on its relevance and usefulness to starting them out in their studies.


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