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Spring(er) Your Way to Research Freedom

The Struggle is Real

“If only I had more time!” is a common refrain among many researchers and students facing the dreaded impending paper submission date or assignment deadline. I am sure many are familiar with the struggle to go through the mountains of available resources, make sense of the information, and determine what is actually relevant for their research. It can also be a frustrating experience to devote a disproportionate amount of time reading abstracts only to find a minuscule shred of information relevant for your research. Surely there must be a way for us to spend more time writing, and less time sifting through information that is irrelevant to our discipline?

The Good, the New, and the Peer-reviewed

If what I just wrote resembles your personal peril, our Springer E-Book Collection may just be what you are looking for. The collection contains some of the most prominent and well-cited publications authored by influential global and NIE educators. A significant number of titles within the collection have won highly coveted awards such as The Society of Professors of Education Book Award, The Society for Educational Studies Book Prizes, the Critics’ Choice Book Award of the American Education Studies Association and the American Educational Research Association Post-secondary Education Award. The publications within the collection span all aspects of education, humanities, social sciences and law. It includes book series, conference proceedings, monographs, reference works and textbooks. New titles are constantly being added to the collection.

Fuss-free Digital Platform

The collection is hosted on SpringerLink, a wonderfully simple to use digital platform that empowers you to easily browse or preview for relevant e-books titles. The platform also makes it effortless to perform contextual or topic search, bringing you precisely to the exact section within an e-book that contains what you need. Through SpringerLink, you can access all the e-books in the collection from the comfort of your home. The platform supports PC, Mac, Android and iOS devices and you can download e-books as PDF and ePub into your mobile devices for convenient on-the-go reading. Additionally, since the NIE Library has purchased Springer titles directly from the publisher, any download of the e-book from this platform can be kept perpetually.

To get a sense of how the interface looks, take a moment to view the embedded video clip below.

Search within the Springer E-book Collection to download a PDF of the e-book.

To access the Springer E-Book Collection please click here.


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