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QSE 50D Book Displays: Children's Literature

Over the period of a month, all NIE Library visitors were treated to a series of informative and visually compelling book displays that were curated by the PGDE (Primary) student teachers. Held from 26 February to 23 March 2018, the Children's Literature Book Displays were incorporated as a part of beyond-the-classroom learning for those taking the compulsory QSE 50D Children's Literature course. Through the book displays, student teachers who were training to teach English were given the chance to share the joy of reading and children’s books with a wider audience.

The book displays rotated every week based on different genres in Children's Literature. They featured books from the Children and Young Adults collection of the NIE Library, as well as recommendations of titles beyond the collection. Student teachers showcased an understanding and deep appreciation of the following genres:

  • Fairy Tales, Fractured Fairy Tales, and Fables

  • Fantasy and Tall Tales

  • Myths, Legends, and Pourquoi Tales

  • Contemporary Realistic Fiction, and Historical Fiction

Despite being an ungraded component of the course, the student teachers exhibited a wholehearted commitment to sharing their knowledge of children’s literature with the NIE community. It was heartening to see them express a sense of satisfaction from knowing that visitors had perused and learnt something from their book displays. We hope that all were able to take something valuable away from the experience!

The QSE 50D Children's Literature Book Displays are a collaboration between the English Language & Literature Academic Group and the NIE Library. We would to like to specially thank Dr Ruth Wong for co-organising this event.

Missed the book displays this year? Check out the photo gallery below for a glimpse of the world of imagination.

Photo Gallery


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