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Freshman Orientation Programme - Library Challenge

Held on 11 August 2017, more than 90 new students participated in the Library Challenge which served to introduce them to various library collections, facilities and services before the commencement of the new school year.

The Library Challenge was organised in collaboration with the NIE Trainee Teachers Club (TTC) and the Freshman Orientation Programme (FOP) committee. A dry run was conducted by the organisers in May 2017, with senior students testing the activities for themselves during the Seniors' Camp.

Each orientation group sought to complete all game stations within the shortest time in order to move on to the next pit-stop in their game itinerary. Within the Library, games stations were located at the following areas:

  • Level 2: Reserves (Red Spot), Reference Collection (Theses)

  • Level 3: Children & Young Adults Collection, SPH Newspaper Reading Corner

  • Level 4: Lending Collection, Photocopy Services Office

Participants strategised by checking the locations of various resources listed in the library catalogue (WebOPAC) via the terminals around the library, before splitting up to retrieve the items and completing each challenge. They were also required to learn how to use various facilities such as the self-serve printing stations and how to book a Learning Pod in the Library.

Groups that successfully completed their challenge even managed a silent group cheer to celebrate!

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